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09.03.2011 · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Although native to the state it was not as nearly widespread prior to European settlement. As with several other species of wildlife, the Eastern cottontail was a beneficiary of settlement; the clearing of wood lands and the establishment of more open areas along wooded borders provided an ideal environment. Cottontail rabbits are also prolific. Most foraging activity takes place at dawn and dusk, with the eastern cottontail resting under cover during the day. While resting, this species shelters in a ‘form’, which usually consists of a small depression in the soil beneath a brush pile, thicket or dense.

Habitat. Optimal eastern cottontail habitat includes open grassy areas, clearings, and old fields supporting abundant green grasses and herbs, with shrubs in the area or edges for cover. The essential components of eastern cottontail habitat are an abundance of well-distributed escape cover dense shrubs interspersed with more open foraging areas such as grasslands and pastures. Eastern Cottontail kits might be born in an old burrow, but it’s more likely to be a narrow hole 4–6 inches deep 10–15 cm, dug by their mother in tall grasses, under thick bushes, or another place she thinks is safe. She lines it with grass and soft fur she plucked from her own body for insulation. The eastern cottontail has speckled brown-gray fur above, reddish-brown fur around its neck and shoulders, and lighter fur around its nose and on its undersides. It has big eyes and a tail that is puffy white on the underside. In the winter, its fur may be more gray than brown. - Wildlife Journal Junior. From the Eastern cottontail rabbit adaptations in living style and behavior, one must realize that no matter how small the species, survival is always due to the fittest. The Eastern cottontail is very good at surviving, but its lifespan is short, 3 years at a maximum, so this helps in keeping population in control.

Eastern cottontails have two different fur coats each year. What kind of habitat do they need? Historically, Eastern cottontails inhabited a variety of habitat types, including deserts, swamps,. Eastern cottontail females construct a nest in a protected place a few days before giving birth. Found throughout the state, eastern cottontail rabbits are most common in southern Michigan landscapes with abundant edge habitat.An edge is the area where two different habitats meet, such as a field and a forest. Cottontails are edge-dependent, and they require a large mix of habitats including sparsely forested areas, brushy thickets, dry and grassy wetland edges, hayfields, grassy.

13.08.2015 · The "eastern cottontail" is a New World cottontail rabbit, a member of the family Leporidae. It is one of the most common rabbit species in North America. The eastern cottontail can be found in. eastern cottontail populations, as well as populations of other species that rely on similar habitat. Food The eastern cottontail’s diet consists of a wide variety of green vegetation and woody plants. Spring, summer, and autumn foods consist primarily of native and introduced grasses such as orchard grass, timothy, redtop, bluegrasses.

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